Exclusive Interview: Rajendra Seksaria talks about Foxin’s growth & mobile accessories market in India

Foxin is one of the oldest brands in India to provide IT hardware, mobile accessories, and now is expanding its lineup to wearables, audio market and more. It is a brand based out of Kolkata owned by Balaji Solutions Pvt Ltd and is looking to revolutionize the market which is already dominated by the likes of boAt, Noise and more.

However, Foxin provides a wide range of solutions for its customers and is looking to bring more products which provide better value for money. So, we got the chance to talk with Mr. Rajendra Seksaria, Chief Managing Director, Balaji Solutions Private Limited (BSPL) – Foxin, and here is his reaction to a diversified range of topics:

1. How is Foxin using the e-Commerce platform to promote the online sale of its products at affordable prices?

Ecommerce has certainly been of great help to this pandemic, with several users ordering their products at a click of a button. We have extended our digital footprint through our social media channels. Extensive outreach to Youtubers, tech influencers and celebrities. We will be increasing this outreach as we see a lot of tractions and think the future is all going to be online. We retail our products through our official website, Amazon and Flipkart offering our customers always a good deal.


2. How is Foxin imprinting its own footsteps in a highly competitive market of IT hardware and Mobility products?

Foxin ventured into mobile accessories at an early stage and since then we have seen the industry evolving. From mobiles cases to a selfie sticks, consumers are looking for accessories that make their life simple. We believe wireless charging is a trend that will definitely pick up in the next few years. We’ve seen a positive demand for portable chargers, wireless headphones and portable speakers. 


3. The Indian TWS market has seen a huge rise in demand since lockdowns, how is Foxin taking this opportunity?

When the pandemic started the majority of people moved to Work from Home, this shift in work culture gave a definite rise in the usage of smart wearables, TWS and headphones. People became more conscious about their health. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to curate products that cater to such a need. For example, our FOXFIT AMAZE PRO – monitors blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and heart rate along with the ease to answer calls and texts. As most users are working from home, we see a rise in demand as most purchases are seeking the aspect of functionality and increased capabilities.


4. As an Indian brand, what are some of the brownie points that Foxin can provide to its customers?

We have been in the Indian electronic market for close to two decades, in all these years we have learnt one valuable lesson – listen to your consumer.  Inspiration brings in innovation, such as converting a regular watch into a smartwatch that caters to various functionalities such as monitoring blood oxygen levels or heart rate. At Foxin, we pay close consideration to consumer needs, the present landscape of the industry, quality and price. 


5. How is the Indian wearable’s market evolving?

According to the IDC report, the wearables market in India that consists of smartwatches, earbuds, and wristbands grew by 93.8 percent year-on-year (YoY) in the third quarter of 2021. Smartwatches as a category continued to be the fastest-growing in the quarter, truly wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds helped push the growth of the earwear category. With an evolving market, the appetite for more technologically advanced and feature-packed products increases.


6. What are the future plans of Foxin in the expanding Indian market?

Today, the market offers a vast range of wearable technology, and the demand for smart wearables is continuously improving in India. There is ample scope of innovations within the sector that will never let people’s excitement fade in wearable technology. There is enough competition in this vertical and as a result of that, there are gadgets with affordable prices for the larger sector.

This is the time for Indian brands like us to level up the game and take a lead in the wearable technology market.


7. Does Foxin have any plans to broaden its ecosystem to smart products and expand its gaming accessories?

Foxin is indeed looking at expanding its portfolio on a larger spectrum. Given the present situation, consumers are seeking products that cater to personal benefit. As the consumer segment is extremely competitive, we are looking to manufacture our own smartwatches in India. Make in India has been a great initiative and platform for us manufacturer’s, therefore seeking to curate value-added products for our consumers.

Technology has evolved and so have preferences, wired headphones have now become wireless and Bluetooth based and the same goes for speakers and smartwatches. Our mission is to manufacture such products encompassing unique features and hence expanding our operations in various locations such as Nepal, Bangladesh and Dubai as our base to centralise operations internationally.


Source: https://technosports.co.in/2022/02/18/rajendra-seksaria-talks-about-foxin/

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