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We are committed to developing high-quality products backed up with adequate research and development. Our business value revolves aroundthe products’ aesthetic appeal, quality, reliability and customer service. With Balaji Solutions Pvt Ltd at the driver’s seat, Foxin has been successful in creating an extra edge in a highly competitive market of IT hardware and Mobility products. As an Indian Brand, our primary focus has always been on Innovation and Quality. We are always focused on enhancing superior customer experience. Our operation as a top distributor is on a Pan India basis in collaboration with top international brands. We cater to a wide range of high fidelity products for personal and business applications. We have also introduced our flagship products of Mobile Accessories owing to the rapid evolution of Mobile Technologies. Foxin has eliminated the geographic barriers by introducing an E-Commerce platform to promote online sales of high-quality products at affordable prices.

Extraordinary is a Feeling

Being extraordinary doesn’t necessarily have to be about having superior attributes! At Foxin, we believe that if an individual excels at what they do, in their own way, the best way they possibly can - That's Extraordinary!


Foxin aspires to work towards creating harmony between manufacturing output and efficiencies that deliver social, economic and environmental sustainability

Sparking an extraordinary revolution

Foxinites are badass guardians of the feeling that anyone in the world can add a little 'extra' to their ordinary life. Foxinating the world one individual at a time.


We offer products & services across India, leaving behind a legacy of extraordinary quality and commitment to our users.




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