We believe that a brand should always seek innovation in order to meet the dynamics of an ever-changing consumer durables industry – Rajendra Seksaria, Foxin, Full Interview

Balaji Solutions Private Limited was founded in the year 2001 in Kolkata (West Bengal). The company is one of the leading IT Hardware & Mobile Accessories Distribution houses in India. BSPL has been associated with numerous multibillion global brands catering to a wide array of IT Hardware Peripherals, Imaging & Laptop Consumables, and Mobile Accessories. Foxin is a brand launched in the year 2006 by Balaji Solutions Pvt. Ltd., offering a wide range of IT hardware and Electronics products. Below is a snippet from a brief interaction with Rajendra Seksaria, Chief Managing Director of Balaji Solutions Private Limited (BSPL) – Foxin:

Prateek: From IT hardware distributorship to becoming a leading wearable devices brand, how has been the journey so far?

In the year 2001, Balaji Solutions Private Limited (BSPL) was founded as an IT hardware distribution unit, since then we have catered to various brands like Canon, Lenovo, and Dell, etc. In 2017, we expanded our business by launching dedicated computer hardware products such as keyboard, mouse, laminator, PC Cabinets, Monitors, and so on.  Also a set of mobile accessories like power banks, USB cables, adapters, earphones. In our ongoing endeavor to bring the best to our consumers, we further expanded our product offering and included wireless headphones, smartwatches, and multimedia speakers into our portfolio. We believe that a brand should always seek innovation in order to meet the dynamics of an ever-changing consumer durables industry. Over the years we have seen the brand grow exceptionally and we feel immensely proud of our team’s dedication and perseverance, which has resulted in extraordinary results.

Prateek: What are some of the challenges Foxin has to face to compete against global brands like Mi?

One of the challenges we face in the industry is that a lot of brands import substandard quality products from a lot of neighboring countries which makes way for a huge price disparity. This is an unfortunate trend that is affecting the industry at large. However, we have a clear advantage because our brand comes with a huge network of service backup and reliability that we have been able to build and retain over the years.

Prateek: How much does Foxin invest in research and development?

At Balaji Solutions (BSPL) flexibility is the key to all our offerings and core to this flexibility is the spirit of innovation, which is followed through the product manufacturing and services from the very stage of design to implementation. Our wide range of product offerings is a testament to the key interest we take in all aspects of R&D.

Prateek: What will be the company’s strategy to penetrate deeper into the Indian market? What would be the role of online sales platforms in the strategy?

Foxin started manufacturing our own products in 2019 specializing in USB data cables, earphones, power banks for mobile phones, USB wall chargers, etc. We are also focusing on strengthening our e-commerce base. With the ongoing pandemic, we have witnessed that consumers are finding it convenient to shop online. Hence we believe that it is important to emphasize the role of online sales platforms and we are looking forward to creating a user-friendly space, which will enable a quick and simple experience for consumers.

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