6 Must Have Features in the Bluetooth Neckband


The generation next, todays home maker, professional at work or entertainment junkie won’t be caught without his or her Wireless Neckbands. These neckbands are also earphones that give you the Bluetooth experience, and they are enjoying the height of their popularity. These devices can stretch your entertainment for hours and end, and one can be constantly on calls, too. Whether you are at home, work or leisure they are your perfect electronic partner. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and even attractive and sober colours. They also sport an assortment of features that gives you the best of audio experience. It also makes the daily experience of immersive audio listening definitely more fun and engaging.


FOXIN FOXBEAT Bluetooth Neckband comes with Bluetooth V5.0 for easy connectivity. Deep Bass for better hearing experience. Sweat Proof to aid your active lifestyle. Gives Up to 14Hrs Battery Life for uninterrupted music. Magnetic earbuds for perfect grip that’s made of metal and are light in weight. Helps you with Clear Call Conversations. Presence of Vibrating Alert concept.

Fast Micro USB Charging facility. Can support Micro SD Card for listening.

FOXBEAT come in an amazing choice of colours. Provides you non- stop music for 14 hours of uninterrupted listening. If you like a deep bass, you will enjoy its powered up bass with 12 mm driver size and passive noise cancellation. It is unstoppable every day for your calls, music and more with IP X 4 and Bluetooth V5. Its rapid charging Micro USB charge of 15 minutes equal to 8 hours of play time. It is also easy to use with magnetic earbuds, vibration alert and TF Card. It is conveniently awesome with multi-function button, voice assistant and lets you live fatigue free with its ergonomic lightweight design.


While Bluetooth neckbandsare the rage these days very often its fantastic choice in the store or mall can leave you confused as to which one is the best for you. To streamline your choice, we bring you 6 must have features in a Bluetooth neckband.



The right audio

 To get the true worth out of music and entertainment it is vital that the quality of the audio and the desired depth of sound be at the right levels. The speaker driver of the neckband has to be really power packed and its audio modes should be more than one to provide an enhanced experience where soundis truly premium. If you love bass, then always go for earphones that has a dedicated function to boost bass and so that every beat of the music is crystal clear. 


Battery life that lasts really long

 High capacity batteryproducts can give you an almost entire days’ power, or it could go on for even longer. It’ll be ideal to have battery time where the total running time of the earphone is higher than 6 hours. Once you have a battery that’s really steady, the next thing is to look for technologically advanced products that charges really fast, and that will buy you peace of mind.


Cancelling out noise

 A good set of neckband must have the ability to reducing all the unwanted ambient noise that you are surrounded with is an attribute that earphones of very good quality must have. It must give you the freedom to go wherever you want to go and giving you sound on the move that is clear as well as crisp, even when you are listening at volumes which are low. Whether you are caught up in traffic or traversing streets that are busy there should be zero distortions to your sound.






Calling that is crystal clear

Neckbandgive you more than just music. It is of great importance all your audio and video calls that you do daily have a sound delivery that is steady, uninterrupted, smooth and crystal clear by virtue of dual or quad-microphonesthat are built into the product.


Comfort that lasts all day

 Lack of comfort can really hurt when you are show binge watching, hearing all your musical tunes, doing your work out, or indulging in calling really long hours. Silicone fin tips, in-ear designs, fits that are ergonomicand snug, can make the product more liable for usage that is prolonged and much more comfortable.


A resistance to water that’s really high

 If you pay attention to the IPX ratingthen you can keep your earphones resistant to sweat, water splashes and dust. Very high ratings mean that your neckband can fight moisture and dirt much more easily.


For the best features, do explore FOXIN  range of Wireless Bluetooth neckband  and get the best audio experience, ever!

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