8 Simple but Effective Tips to Take Care Of Your Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Do your wireless headphones often get damaged within a few months? If so, this article is for you. 

The average life ofBluetooth headphones is between 2 and 4 years. But you can increase this lifespan up to 20% while preserving their sound quality and making them last longer. 

Let's jump to the top 8 suggestions for extending the life of your wirelessBluetooth headphones.

 Avoid moisture

The outer coating of your headphones can degrade due to moisture from changing weather conditions. Sweat, on the other hand, causes the earpads dirty.

If your headphones become moist, immediately rub alcohol on them and wait a few hours for them to dry.

Put Silica gel desiccant where you store your wireless Bluetooth headphonesto absorb moisture from weather conditions.

Store with care

When not in use, keep your wireless headphones in good condition. Keep it gently in a protective case or bag to avoid damage from impact, scratches, or dirt.

 Disconnect after use

Leaving your wireless headphone connected to your phone or laptop can cause problems. After each use, disconnect your headphone to increase the battery span of your Bluetooth headphone.

 Protect your charging cable

Check the rubber stuff around the jack or connector of your wireless headphone's charging cable. A cable guard could reduce some of the pressure on the tiny solder points on the cable's connector if it appears thin or likely to break when anything bangs into it or bends it too far.

 Have a charging schedule for your wireless headphone

Over-ear Bluetooth headphones eliminate the need to untangle cables, but they must be changed regularly to maintain battery life. 

Aside from sticking to a timetable, you must avoid charging the headphones improperly, as this will damage the internal components.

Don't charge the battery until it's dead, but don't overload it either. Also, never charge headphones inside a car that is parked in direct sunlight.

keep the earpads clean

Clean your headphones frequently. Excessive dirt should be removed from your earpads not only for health reasons but also improves the sound quality of your over-ear headphones.

 Remove the ear pads and clean the outside of the headphones with a small towel wet in soap and warm water. Allow to air dry thoroughly after wiping dry with paper towels.

Avoid sleeping with your headphones

Rolling your wireless headphones over while sleeping can cause them to bend or damage. Before heading to bed, simply disconnect and store them somewhere safe. If you have a wireless headphones with a mic, then sleeping with headphones on can damage the microphone.

 Don’t play loud music on your wireless headphones  

It’s possible to damage your headphones as well as your hearing by turning up the volume to extremely high levels.

 According to research, over 11 billion young adults and teenagers are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss as a result of their audio device listening habits. Listen to your gadget for no more than 60 minutes each day and at just 60% of maximum volume.

 Bonus Tip: Buy good quality wireless headphones

You now know how to properly care for your wireless Bluetooth headphones and ensure that they sound great. 

 However, nothing is more important than choosing a decent pair of over-ear headphones, to begin with. It’s not about the price. People often search for the cheapest Bluetooth wireless headphoneswhich may not be compatible with their devices and may even cause hearing problems.

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