Choosing the Perfect Sound system for your home?

It is always our most intense desire and dream to fill up our rooms with the most  perfect sound  and enjoy music with crystal clear clarity with it highs and lows, sharp treble and  deep bass   and groove to every beat without missing a single one. Even when we set up our  home theatres   we want the sound to hit us in our very guts so the action on the screen becomes a part of us and we are so immersed in the world of entertainment that for that moment we taste divinity. Your speakers and your rooms share a special relationship.


How do you set up your sound system to make the best use of it?


Our FOXIN expertswill now take you through the most immersive experience by providing you tips on how best you can make sound work for you.


So, when you choose a sound system make sure that there is enough space between speakers and there are enough audio fields between the two so that distortions and echoes are minimized. Your room may not be perfect, but make sure your speakers are.


When you are placing your Front Left and Right Speakersplace them at a distance so that individual sounds coming from different directions can be distinguished and that you properly fine tune the channelsand volumeso that the sound merges at a point, gives you its full bodied effect.


For perfect sound and dialogue equalize your center channelwith your speakers in front so you’re your sound pans out smoothly and to make sure that the speaker either above or below the screen. Space your surround speakersin such a way that they are equidistant to your front speakers, or just a few extra inches apart, and angle them towards you in such a way that they are in line with your seated position.

Your subwoofer should ideally be in a corner where there are no obstructions like furniture, carpeting or walls. That way the punch of the bass will heat you cleanly and no vibrations will interfere with the purity of the sound.


We often make the mistake of buying the largest speakers in our quest to find the perfect sound system to fill our room with the power of sound. But if the sound doesn’t have enough room to move your sound system will disappoint you, so instead you need to choose a sound system that is properly adjusted to your space


For example, in a small room you need to spread out your speakers at a distance of 6 to 8 feet from the point where you are listening. And in this kind of a set up a two or three channelled systemis a far better option than giant floor speakers. And also you can free floor space with speakers on the wall where you can purer sound by placing acoustic panels.


Here’s a tip: You can go for  Foxin 16400 DOMINATOR Multimedia Tower Speakers  140 Watt for a full room set up. It’s rich sound and sensational quality along with a powerful bass is sure to enamour the most ardent of sound lovers. It’s wireless Bluetooth technologyallows for easy connectivity with excellent audio control knobs for streaming and perfect volume control.



In medium room you can go for a  Foxin FMS 7400 110 Watt Tornado 4.1


Superior tones will send goose bumps and you will fall in love with the sound the moment your fingers flick the control knob, that adjusts to your touch with amazing smoothness.


It is very important that when you are placing your sound system you need to be aware that there are not too may reflections like flooring, tiling and widows which have a negative effect on your sound. For the most authentic sound you need to control the reflectivity.


So for the perfect sound system rather than take cheap risks it is better to go for a solid brand like  FOXIN  whose bass will leave you feeling that you are part of every thumping beat, and whose sound will make you feel as if you are part of the action, infusing thrill and adventure to every pore of your skin.

What you seek is seeking you