Computer - Monitor Buying Guidelines

You want to make the best decision when buying a monitor  whether you're a designer, gamer, or casual PC user.

How can you tell one monitor from another if you are not aware about hardware and technological matters? The whole viewing/gaming experience may vary with simple adjustments in resolution, refresh rates, and display specifications.

Here is our monitor purchasing guide to assist you if you're looking for a new monitor. You will be informed of all your alternatives and all the pertinent information is given.

Daily tasks and customary computer operations

You won't want a high-end monitor if all you need it for is to get you through the day and assist you with tasks like composing emails, posting on social media, browsing the web, paying your bills, viewing films, and so on. For these uses, full HD screens in good sizes are easily accessible at affordable rates. View the greatest features of our all-in-one PCs.

Premium Gaming

For a seamless gaming experience, high-end games demand a monitor with full HD resolution, an excellent reaction time, a superb refresh rate of 60 Hz or more, and a horizontal viewing angle of 178 degrees or more. To have an incredible picture of all the characters in the games, some gamers could search for two gaming monitors or a big widescreen display.

Professional/Creative Work & Graphic Design

The third category is for multimedia specialists such as photographers, video editors, creatives, artists, graphic designers, animators, programmers, etc. You should seek a widescreen monitor with Full HD or Quad HD resolution for multimedia development. With the IPS screen and other display technologies that provide excellent colour accuracy and broad viewing angles, you can't go wrong. For ergonomic viewing, you must also take into account the reaction time, mounts, stands, and other factors.


This kind is for users who wish to play games, edit images and videos, create movies, or work on spreadsheets with coworkers. For a variety of uses, you'll be on the lookout for an LED or IPS monitor with Full HD resolution. There aren't many things to worry about, and you may choose a useful mix.


Some Monitors at Foxin:

Listed below are some monitors that are specifically designed keeping in mind your needs and desires. You can check out more amazing options at  foxin’s official website.

FM 1950 PASSION LED Monitor HDMI 48.6cm

For maximum convenience, the monitor has a plug-and-play mechanism that works with any computer setup.

Foxin FM 1750 PASSION LED Monitor HDMI 43.5 cm

The screen size offers the finest viewing angle in its class and a widescreen visual experience.

FM 1750 PASSION LED Monitor HDMI 43.5 cm

VGA+HDMI ports are included on the display as standard features for simple device accessibility.

FM 1750 PASSION LED Monitor VGA 43.5cm

The highest possible power use is a class-leading 15 Watt.

Foxin FM 19 PIXEL LED Monitors HDMI 46.9 cm

Motion Blur is decreased on the display thanks to calibration.

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