Extraordinary Sound Made in India - The 2 Best Multimedia Speakers in your budget!

Here’s an unpopular opinion! ‘Sound’ is an ordinary concept, whereas ‘Music’ as a concept is truly Extraordinary. Music is the very bridge between emotion and expression, and the beauty lies in the fact that while it remains constant in our lives in one form or another, it is in itself very subjective and variable. Simply put, everyone enjoys different forms and styles of music and it is even made differently by different people. It is open to everyone, regardless of which walk of life they may be from. 

India is the land of culture, heritage and history. Music has always been a very integral and important part of our culture and as Indians, the sound of music always brings joy to our ears. This artistic emotion resonates with us deeply at Foxin and we have certainly done something about it. Hold on tight and enjoy this musical journey with us where we tell you about the Top 2 Multimedia Speakers that you need to get your hands on right away. And guess what! They’re all budget friendly and Extraordinary performers! 

  • FMS 3400 
  • This 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker comes with a 4 inch subwoofer and among the many other features it boasts of, the 70W System Power makes it a worthy contender in the industry. This incredible speaker was born in the incredible India. That’s right, the FMS 3400 is proudly Made in India and we just can’t wait for you to make it a part of your home. While this awesome multimedia speaker gives you the pleasure of solid stereo sound and powerful bass, it also has a wireless remote control and a dual connectivity mode. This means you have Bluetooth V5.0 and the AUX cable, both at your disposal! We like to call this speaker the ultimate party starter, thanks to it’s brilliant quality, design and the super fun RGB lighting feature that can set the right mood for all your house parties! To learn about the many other amazing features, check it out. Thank us later! 

  • FMS 4450
  • Another 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker from our arsenal is the FMS 4450. This is indeed a musical beast in true sense. This spectacular speaker delivers a whopping 85W of total output in power! Where does that power come from? Well, majorly from the fact that even the FMS 4450 is Made in India by proud Indians!! The big brother of the FMS 3400, this speaker comes with industry standard features and is certainly in an extraordinary league of its own. For optimum utility, we created this speaker to have multiple inputs such as USB, FM and SD. Liven up the mood and atmosphere with an integrated LED display that comes with a wide array of modes and functions. Wondering when’s the best time to get this home? By the time you finish reading this sentence, you should ideally have this added to your cart! 

    So there you have it! Two of the best multimedia speakers that you could get yourself. And as we mentioned before, both these speakers are proudly made in India by proud Indians!

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