FMS 7400 TORNADO - Multimedia Speakers that truly live up to its name!

The advent of technology has revolutionized the way we perceive quality, especially that of entertainment. From listening to crackled music on vintage radio transistors to making the whole neighbourhood bounce with massive tower speakers, we have all come a long way! Well, who doesn’t fancy house parties nowadays, right?   

As our expectations of quality have increased with time and rightly so, we all want high quality stuff that feels worth it after every use. This certainly goes for music and the concept of sound in general. We all want to hear our favourite music with that crystal clear audibility and those catchy beats with bass that makes our soul vibrate! This is why we brought into the scene the killer FMS 7400 Tornado Multimedia Speakers with Bluetooth! 

Bold Look, Bolder Sound

The FMS 7400 Tornado simply steals the show, not just with its powerful looks and stance, but also with its incredible sound quality that is produced through its robust audio drivers! If you’re looking to get multimedia speakers for tv, look no further. The FMS 7400 Tornado will add a special touch to your home, give you the home theatre feel you seek and will also receive a storm of appreciation from visitors.

Sound that Surrounds

This multimedia speaker comes with a 4.1 channel x 110 Watts powerful output. For a layman, this means that the FMS 7400 Tornado comes with 4 satellites and 1 subwoofer with crazy sound output! Each of the 4 satellites make sure your music is amplified 4x with 15 Watts of power each! The sub-woofer is an impressive 6.5 inches big and creates a bigger bass that will blow your mind, along with your walls! You’re sure to have a fully immersive experience with these speakers and won’t ever have enough of the dynamic surround sound.

Gets the party started

Among the many super cool features that the FMS 7400 Tornado boasts of, the fact that these are Multimedia Speakers with Bluetooth and offers multiple audio input options like AUX, USB, FM  and even SD, make it quite the showstopper in the world of multimedia speakers in Indiaand the world.The Tornado will be your perfect party starter, as it also comes with an awesome RGB Mood Lighting feature along with a bold LED Display that makes it ideal for house parties and more! 

The Tornado you can control

The last and certainly not least, the FMS 7400 Tornado redefines ease of use, as it comes with a remote control so that you can enjoy your favourite moments of music uninterrupted by having to get up and move. The remote control makes the experience of using these multimedia speakers an absolute delight!


There you go, the coolest Multimedia Speakers in India!  

What you seek is seeking you