Foxin FoxPods F9 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - Designed for Perfection

It is generally expected the more money you pump in the more pumped up will be the sound quality. But FOXPODS TWS EARBUDS defy that rule to be thebest earbuds under 2000.And for their price these highly selling earbuds sport exceptional good looks and give you superb sound quality. For those who want to keep life light and flexible these Bluetooth earbudsare just the right fit for you. The design is ultra- light. You’ll be surprised to know that each earbud weighs only 3 grams, one of the lightest earbuds in the market. The smartness of the design is complimented by an extremely good looking pocket sized case. You can carry it anywhere with the minimum of fuss.


Ergonomically designed the FOXIN FOXPODSare completely hassle free. They fit snugly in your ears. And rate very highly on wearing comfort. You don’t have to worry about them when you are on the move, or even running and exercising. It has very easy multi- function touch control, where at the flick of your thumb you can manage your calls, play music or get it into the Operate Voice Assistant mode.


What makes these FOXPODS F9 Bluetooth Earbuds very interesting is that they come with OLP Technology. The moment you open the case lid they automatically get into pairing mode. The instance the earbuds are switched on and synched with any mobile device the F9 device emanates very high quality and high fidelity stereo sound. The reason for this is the 10mm Powerful Speaker Driver Unit. It completely envelopes you in the sound and you are so immersed in it as if you are in the middle of a music concert. You get a booming bass, and sharp treble. The speaker quality lets you discern very distinctively the deep bass and the sharp treble, to give you the most engaging musical experience, ever. The F9 speaker is also technically competent to deliver a multitude of tones that range between high, mid and low. Besides, with thesebest ear budsyou get the advantage of rock solid Bluetooth Connectivity.



Listening to and making calls on TWS Earbuds is a sheer pleasure. It has a dual mic which is technically sensitized to delivers Crystal Clear Call Conversation. The voice that you hear will be crackling sharp and cuts through all the ambient noise to reach your ears with fine distinction. And the best part is your voice reaches your other caller with absolutely no generation loss, to sound without any distortion at all. This is extremely good specially in your business where clarity and sharp focus drive your business goals.


Music helps you to get into the rhythm of exercise. It helps you achieve a fluid motion and pumps up your hormones to go for your routines with full stamina and vigour. It is a zone where it’s just you, your exercise and your music, and you want nothing in the world for it to be disrupted. It’s best to enter that zone with wireless earbudslike the FOXPODS F9. Its light weight frees you and you don’t have to worry about wires entangling your motion. Also there are no wires to tug at your clothing. It’s the same with your business when you are constantly on the move and your calling experiences have to be completely untangled to afford you complete freedom. It keeps your mind, body and hand free of clutter and keeps you clear headed while talking. In both the scenarios, be it exercise, pleasure or work you’ll never want the flow of things and events to be broken. You want a smooth road ahead for you to move at high speed. This is precisely the time not to worry about low battery scenario. For this reason, the F9 comes with an incredibly high working time of up to 20 hours. A performance that comes with a power packed back up of a large battery with a capacity of 500 mAh charging case.  It is supported by Type-C fast charging.

Here’s the tech specs of the FOXPODS F9at a glance:

Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Working Distance: 10M

Frequency Response: 20hz--20khz

Sensitivity: 92+-3db

Impedance: 32ohm

Earbuds Capacity: 70mAh

Charging Box Capacity: 500mAh

Playback time: Up to 3Hrs 5H playtime one time at 50% volume

Earphone weight: 12g (two earphone)

Charging case Weight: 45g

Stand by Time: Up to 100Hrs

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