Stay healthy, Stay Smart: 5 ways smartwatches are improving our health!

The traditional purpose of a watch was to tell us the time. A decade ago, if someone would have told us that a watch could help us track our health and improve it, we would have been like, “get out of here”.  The current trend with advancements in technology has not only made this possible but has made it the new normal. Wearable devices and smartwatches are quickly becoming indispensable technologies in the healthcare industry. Smartwatches, in fact, have become the perfect companions when it comes to tracking your health and improving it. Since technology is improving steadily, smartwatches will have more advanced functions for monitoring health and fitness in the future.

Do you want to know how smartwatches help in monitoring and improving your health using amazing in-built technology? Say no more, we have outlined 5 ways through which smartwatches, your perfect companions, help you keep a track of your health and fitness. Get ready, because your mind is about to be blown.

  1.  Smartwatch: I can hear your heartbeat!

Most wearable devices and smartwatches have an integrated heart rate detector or monitor that helps assess the heart rate. This can help you keep a solid track of your exercise and make sure you don’t over-strain yourself. Proper analysis can help you understand where yourworkout sweet spotis. Afitness smartwatch can really hear your heartbeat!

Some of the more advanced smartwatches for men and women have ECG sensors (ElectroCardioGram) that measure your heart’s electrical activity. It tracks the rhythm of your heart and picks up potential heart diseases or irregular heartbeat.

  1.  Have an active lifestyle

Do you think smartwatches are making people more active?A recent survey showed that57% of smartwatch owners started exercising more after purchasing a wearable device. There, you have the answer to your question. Smartwatches are full of apps that can guide you through your fitness journey. Like we mentioned before, a smartwatch is your best companion. It will send out reminders if you have been stationary for too long, to support an active lifestyle.

  1.  Let’s have a good night sleep

You know that you need a decent night’s sleep to stay healthy. Believe it or not, smartwatches can also track your sleeping cycles. The sensors on your watch will keep a log of the hours of sleep that you are getting, analyzing the sleep-wake cycles to show you if you were restful enough or not. This can help you make better choices to improve your sleep quality. This will not only help you feel better but in the long run, it can drastically improve your lifespan.

  1.  Music for your soul

Studies have shown that listening to music while exercising plays a significant role in your fitness goals. It's like music for your soul! It makes you feel more energetic and lets you avoid boredom.

With a smartwatch, playing your favorite workout or cooldown song is simple. Connect your watch with your wireless headsets and you are ready to be healthy and fit.

  1.  Hey doctor, my watch wants to see you!

Wearables and smartwatches are revolutionizing the doctor-patient relationship. Fitness smartwatch provides you with insights into your well-being that drives actionable care supported by personalized data. You can use your fitness smartwatch to track your diet, sleep, physical activity, and other health-related information. If there is anything suspicious, the personalized data can be shared with the doctor for gaining better insight into your overall health. Basically, your smartwatch can save your life!

There you have it, your best companion, the smartwatch can help you make health a priority. With further advancements in technology, who knows what your best companion would be capable of doing in the future. Whether you are a health fanatic or not, a smartwatch is an efficient investment because everybody knows,Health Matters!

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