How to choose your headphones?

We all love music; clear sound, beats and bass are essential to enjoy. But, what if it goes too loud and disturbs people around you? You love listening to rock metal? For such situations, the almighty tech-god has given us headphone technology.

With headphones, we can enjoy music, motivate ourselves to go to the gym intensively, and so forth. However, you may have difficulty finding the rightheadphones. Moreover, you may not be aware of what types of headphones are available and their pros and cons. To make your task a little easier, here are headphone 101 guide to understand better.

First, let's understand the jargons which you might have heard before, like:

  1. Drivers:These are the core tech of headphones which converts electrical signals to audible sounds. Different types of headphones use different drivers. It is said that bigger driver are better but not necessary. 
  2. Frequency: Human ears can hear the sound frequency between 20 - 20,000 GHz. It is actually the vibration of particles through which the sound propagates. So the higher the frequency, the pitch of the sound will also be higher. 
  3. Surround sound:As the name suggests, it means the 360-degree sound effect where you will experience music like you are in a live concert.
  4. Sensitivity: It s the relative amount of audio volume it can produce from the power provided. Higher sensitivity means clear audio.

Different types of foxin headphones

  1. On-ear:Consists of foam or leather cushioning that gives noise isolation so that you can enjoy music without interruption from your surrounding noise.
  2. In-ear:Earplugs like design get inside your ear canal and are prone to sound leakage.

Specialised for usage

  1. Gaming:Built to enhance the gaming experience, customised to give exceptional dynamics to your game sounds.
  2. Sports:Built to last in rough conditions and survive drops, dust and sweat. 
  3. Entertainment:Built to provide you with the best experience to relax and enjoy the music.

Last but not the least, iswired orwireless.

There are pros and cons for both.Wiredheadphones give a better sound experience than wireless. They don't need any charging, but it's not that good for moving around, and cheap cables can break easily.

Inwireless headphones, you don't have cable issues and roam around freely. Also, great connectivity options are there. The only problem is that the batteries die in some time.

So here you have all the factors by which you can decide which type of headphones you should buy.

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