How to Clean your Headphones and Earphones

Due to COVID, we all got introduced to a new habit of sanitization. Even without a global pandemic, there are plenty of reasons for cleaning your headphones and earphones. Ever since the Walkman was introduced, they became an intrinsic part of our lives and since then we are seeing that headphones can cause numerous problems including ear canal infections, throat infections and some hearing problems as well. Thus, cleaning and sanitizing your headphones is important for you and your headphones.

It’s not as difficult as it seems, you will be needing a few things that are easily available at home or in nearby shops.

  • Small piece of cloth
  • Hand sanitizer/ rubbing alcohol
  • Tweezers
  • Cotton buds
  • Soap/ Liquid soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Glue/ Multipurpose adhesive

  • Headphones

    Depending on the type of headphones, remove the ear cushions, extend the arms as much as possible and just start brushing the dirt off from every reachable spot. Be careful and extra sensitive around the drivers, unless you are willing to  buy new headphones tomorrow. The aim here is to remove all the dust and specks from the headphone. After that use tweezers to remove hair and debris stuck in corners and crevices. 

    After the big pieces are removed, now it’s time to disinfect the headphones. Use a clean damped piece of cloth with soap and warm water, and start wiping. After a satisfying dust wiping session, now it’s time for disinfection. 

    Use cotton buds dipped in sanitizer or rubbing alcohol and rub them around. Be extra careful around leather puffs and ear cushions as they might get damaged easily. Now leave it for air drying, it will hardly take 5 mins and then wrap it up. You are good to use your headphones again.


    It’s simpler to clean earbuds in comparison with cleaning headphones, but you have to be extremely careful. Extra force or pressure can cause some permanent damage to your drivers. Starting with brushing and wiping as we did with the headphones, cover every corner and gap. Don’t forget to clean the charging case, if you useTWS earphones

    Now comes the complicated part. Very carefully use a thin object like the tip of tweezers or bend a paperclip to pick out the debris stuck in the earpiece. Don’t worry if the mesh in the driver comes out during this process, use the same clip or tweezers to place it and stick it with the adhesive. Reminding you again, be careful during this process as it can permanently damage your earphones. 

    In the end we will sanitize the earphones.

    voila! Your earphones are clean and sanitized.

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