Most Economic Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds - FoxPods C5


If you always want your music in your pocket, why go for headphones? Go for something that fits in snugly in your ear canal like earbuds. It simplifies your life and gives you the freedom to fly, walk and run anywhere. And the best part about wireless earbuds are there are no cables and wires to get you entangled. It connects with Bluetooth. You can make your choice with FOXPODS C5 TWS EARBUDS.


Especially when you are multi-tasking and you are at work dealing and talking with your colleagues. On top of that your phone is always busy, life can suddenly go out of hand. Bring it back in control with Bluetooth earbuds.Earbuds can manage your calls with the deft touch of a switch and you are free to receive and make calls at your will, and your hands are also free to attend to any important task at hand.


The most carefree way to enjoy your music is FOXPOD C5 TWS earbuds. You can through endless playlists with effortless ease. In fact, while listening to music you are also free to make hands free calls. Your FOXIN EARBUDS also become your digital assistant that recognizes voice, processes it with algorithm, tunes in to specific voice commands and replies with information that is relevant and useful to the caller at the other end. C5 TWS Earbuds come with Operate Voice Assistant.


If you are a person who likes to be on the go then these are the best earbuds under Rs 1000, are just the thing for you. They fit easily in the bag or pocket. Also these little things weigh very little. They are supremely lightweight weighing just 4 grams each. When you are the type of person who likes music as a constant companion then make sure you have your own pair of TWS earbuds, and you’ll never be left without music.


To pump up your hormones, especially when you are exercising or running, nothing like a booming bass to spike up your blood. Without the thump thump of bass life is dull, and the wireless Bluetoothearbuds gives you the right punch to make your life all about that bass, and you can be in the party mode wherever you are.


And how about being in the centre of music as if you are part of a live concert. Your earphones with mic are a mini giant with the most powerful speakers that are just 10 mm in size. Unless you listen to them you can never believe that such micro speakers can actually drown you in the most immersive sound as if a whole band is playing right in front of you! So much of power comes from the speaker driver unit that makes listening a blast. Now will you still go for the cumbersome headphones wirelessor with wires?


Like music if you are a gaming freak then these are the best wireless earphones that take you right in the middle of the action with sounds that make you feel the adrenalin rush. You can transition from music to gaming to an active lifestyle with FOXIN FOXPODS.You can do it seamlessly and easily as you have a pocket size case to carry your earbudswith the maximum of ease. These cases are so small that you can even conceal it in the palm of your hands and no one will ever have a clue that you are equipped with a device that gives you the most potent sound as well lets you handle your calls and is your sparklingly clear connection to the world.


The best part is these best earbuds never leave you stranded. While you are in the middle of a call, listening to music, gaming, running or exercising, there are never any disruptions because they give you 15 hours of working time. This outstanding battery back- up ensures that your earbuds are functional all day long.


Here are the tech specs at a glance of your FOXPODS C5 TWS EARBUDS.

 Supports: V5.0

Working Distance: 10M

Frequency Response: 20hz-20khz

Sensitivity: 97+-3db

Impedance: 32 ohm

Earbuds Capacity: 80mAh

Charging Box Capacity: 300mAh

Playback Time: 3Hrs playtime one time at 50% volume

Earphone Weight: 9g(two earphone)

Charging Box Weight: 28g

Standby Time: Up to 100Hrs

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