Neckband Headphones-A Futuristic Design!

Have you come across these high-tech collars that people are wearing nowadays, the ones that have earphones coming out of them from the sides? They have several names going on in the market like “neckband headphones”, “collar headphones”, and even “behind-the-back headphones”. A design that most people don’t clearly understand has been gaining popularity recently.

The characteristics of neckband headphones that have majorly contributed to its success are:

  1.  Convenience
  2.  Unmatched Battery Life
  3.  Packed with features

These characteristics make the neckband headphones very popular among users. So if you are looking for headphones and you have an active life, so much so that you can’t afford to untangle the wire of your earphones, neckband headphones are the perfect choice for you. If you are wondering why would anyone prefer to wear a human collar, that is a valid concern. Collar Headphones look a little unorthodox compared to the normal wired headphones, but thanks to the characteristics we mentioned above, these futuristic headphones are here to stay! Let’s discuss the characteristics that make these headphones widely popular and accepted, in detail:

  1.  Wear your headphones whenever you want, they’re right there hanging around your neck!

The first major advantage of the collar headphones is that it is convenient. No more untangling of the earphone wire. The wire hanging around your collar is the only wire you have to worry about with neckband headphones as they can connect to your phone through Bluetooth. Since these wires hang around your neck and don’t go all the way into your pocket, there’ll be no opportunity for you to rip your earphones out of your ears or destroy them completely only because of inconvenient wires.

  1.  Listening to music and answering calls, that’s it? Not at all, you are in for a surprise with neckband headphones!

Everybody enjoys lightweight devices and gadgets. Everybody also enjoys more features and convenience. These two desires are ever conflicting. This is a big challenge for the companies producing these neckband headphones. If they make it jam-packed with features that would mean incorporating more electronics into the small collar device, this would inevitably make the headphones bulky and heavier. Most of the neckband headphones that are available are full of surprising features without compromising on the weight. These features include:

  1.  Noise cancellation: A feature more commonly found in over-ear headphones, it requires sophisticated circuitry that has to be included somewhere right? Neckband headphones house this circuitry in the collar while the in-ear part can stay compact and light-weight.
  2.  Controls that are convenient:Earphones with in-line controls have been present since time immemorial, but are more often than not, extremely inconvenient. You always find yourself struggling to find the controls along the huge wire that runs to your pocket and even if you do find the controls, you often forget which control does what. Neckband Headphones have eliminated this challenge too. The controls in a neckband headphone are present right around your neck and are easy to reach. These controls can be used to pause, play, fast-forward, rewind, accept and reject calls.
  3.  A battery that goes on and on!

You must be wondering that since the neckband headphones have an extensive list of features that it brings to the table, it is bound to take a toll on its battery life, right? Wrong! The extra space that you carry hanging around your neck makes room for a higher-capacity battery. Some of the neckband headphones can offer 7.5 hours of non-stop music listening along with noise cancellation. It also offers a staggering 220 hours of battery backup on standby.

Despite having an unconventional appearance, one that makes it stand out, the Neckband Headphones have a lot to offer.

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