Top 5 Multimedia Speakers for your home in 2022

People around the world began the year 2022 with immense hope, as the previous two years weren’t exactly filled with happiness for almost everyone. It is highly important for us to realise that Covid-19 has still not left the world and we must not let our guard down under any circumstances. This year, we must prioritise staying home whenever we can conveniently avoid a public event whether it’s a party, a function or even a festival for that matter. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a house party with friends and family! 

This year, take your house parties to the next level with these 5Multimedia Speakers that you’ll absolutely love:

  •  Tornado FMS 7400 

  • Let’s start off the list with a storm, or shall we say a ‘Tornado’! The TornadoFMS 7400 truly lives up to its name and brings to you sheer power in terms of sound quality and musical performance. These are 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers, that boast of 100 Watt power, which is complimented by a highly robust build quality. A 6.5” Sub-Woofer to bass it up at house parties and four 15 Watt satellites make these multimedia speakers ideal for those who like to turn things up a notch! The RGB Mood Lighting, LED Display and Multiple Audio Input features make theTornado FMS 7400 your ideal house party companion this year!

  • FMS 4450

  • Having 85 Watt of power, these 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers are proudly Made in India and give users the richest experience when it comes to quality of performance. TheFMS4450 has a charming design and the build quality will leave you impressed every time you lay hands on it. Featuring seamless Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with any device, these speakers also come with a remote as standard so that you can conveniently switch tracks or adjust the volume. It helps you liven up the ambience with its integrated LED display that has several modes and functions.  

  • FMS 5400

  • TheFMS 5400 takes home entertainment to a whole new level with its stylish design andunbeatable performance. Delivering a total 90 Watt of power, this 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker is great for having parties at home. For optimum utility, FMS 5400 gives you the option of AUX-IN, USB, FM and even SD Cards. You also get to enjoy using the RGB Mood Lighting with the use of a remote control. The 5 inch subwoofer will provide you with the bass you desire! 

  • FMS 4200

  • Time to get your party illuminated and beyond with theFMS 4200 Multimedia Speakers, that are built to perform! House parties will never be the same again, as these speakers don’t just boast of epic sound quality through its 60 Watt satellites and 2.1 Channel. When compared to the otherhome audio titans on this list, the FMS 4200 is a relatively more compact multimedia speaker, but that doesn’t stop it from being an absolute must-buy in 2022!

  • FMS 3400

  • Proudlyborn and built in India, the FMS 3400 is truly one of the most budget-friendly and best multimedia speakers in India. With powerful bass, RGB light, stereo sound, integrated multi-function control and many other top of the line features, theFMS 3400 has a 70 Watt System Power (RMS) and makes a ‘sound’ impact every time it’s required to perform. So, the next time you invite friends over for a house party, just play some tunes on this speaker and rest assured that your place will become everyone’s favourite. 

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