Watch Out!: 5 benefits of owning a smartwatch

Once a smartwatch said to its owner,” You can’t lie to me, I know your heartbeat”, true story! Driven by Bluetooth technology, a touchscreen-enabled wristwatch sounds so cool, right? Contrary to what you and we might believe, some people describe smartwatches as a waste of money. Don’t worry, these are the people who don’t understand just what a smartwatch is capable of doing. If you are one of those people, guess what, you are in luck because nobody understands smartwatches as we do and in this blog, we will outline the major benefits of owning a smartwatch. So stick around while we make our case!

5 Major benefits of owning a smartwatch:

  1.  It’s no longer just about the time:

The functional purpose of wearing a watch is simply telling the time or because it's fashionable and looks great on your wrist. But with the advent of smartphones, watches are losing their popularity. Who needs a watch when your phone can tell you the time, date, and has an alarm. This is the reason for decreasing watch sales in the last few years.

Smartwatches for men and women are slowly changing this trend. Along with all the basic watch features, smartwatches offer a lot more, even more than smartphones. Shocked? Hold on, we’ll cover these features throughout this blog.

  1.  Hello, I am calling from my watch:

Once you have connected your smartwatch with your phone using Bluetooth, you can use your watch to make and receive calls on your smartphone. That’s right, say goodbye to taking out your phone again and again from your pocket. You can receive calls or reply to messages on the go. This is the most beneficial when you are exercising, driving, or in any scenario where carrying a phone is not feasible. Even cheap smartwatches have this feature.

  1.  Watch out for fitness using your smartwatch:

One of the core features of a smartwatch in the 21st century includes fitness tracking. If you are fitness conscious and fitness is something that matters to you, trust us and invest in a smartwatch right away!

What can a smartwatch do? It has several features like it can count your steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep cycles and if that isn’t enough for you, smartwatches are water and dust resistant.

James L. Mcquivey, an analyst at Forrester Research described a smartwatch as being, “Someone who knows more about what you need than you do yourself

  1.  Wear your entertainment on your wrist:

Yes, you can now wear your entertainment on your wrist. With smartwatches, you can watch videos and play music on the go. We know it is never going to beat the big screens and the quality of your smartphones, but it is convenient. You can control the music on your phone and some smartwatches even give you the option of storing music in the watch that can be played wirelessly using your Bluetooth headphones. Pretty sweet huh?

  1.  A battery that lasts long, very long:

A lot of people wonder, why would I need a smartwatch when I already own a smartphone? Well, smartwatches have such exceptional battery backup that a phone just can’t compare. Our smartwatchFoxfit Prime provides a battery backup of 15 days on a single charge. So charge your smartwatch before a long trip and forget about it, the watch willwatch over you throughout the trip.

Still, wondering?

If you have never used a smartwatch, we hope this blog helps you understand its benefits. If you are a fan of mobility and convenience, there is nothing better than a smartwatch to keep you connected. Remember it's no longer just about the time!

What you seek is seeking you