What are the main components of a motherboard ?

The largest board in a computer chassis, the motherboard  is a printed circuit board that serves as the computer's base. It distributes power and enables communication with the CPU, RAM, and every other piece of computer hardware. The following are some of the motherboard's essential parts:

  1. CPU jack Circuitry for controllers and RAM slots
  2. CPU and component power delivery and conditioning power stage modules and regulators
  3. Connecting sockets for the power supply unit's input
  4. A chipset chip that controls the majority of IO tasks and gives the CPU the logic to "speak" to the other components.
  5. Circuitry and components for audio on motherboards made to fit CPUs with onboard graphics network controller and sockets, USB components and other connections such as video display connectors are present.
  6. Several surface-mounted components to control and uniformly smooth out power delivery
  7. BIOS chips CMOS batteries are typically CR2032 coin cells.
  8. Several capacitors to control the flow of electricity
  9. Oscillators and timing devices Usually, RGB LED lighting effects that are ineffective SATA port(s) on M.2 socket(s) PCI-E slots
  10. fans and heatsinks for certain components WIFI and Bluetooth wireless technologies can occasionally


Best Motherboard in the market

There is one component that will act as the basis for your PC whether you want to construct it yourself or purchase a pre-built PC that you may wish to improve or expand in the future. The motherboard is that element, and it's a crucial part of the PC jigsaw. Many additional components you may pick from are determined by it, and some other decisions, like the CPU you'll use in your new PC, also influence which motherboard you can utilise. We have some of the greatest motherboards on the market here at Foxin. The Foxin FMB G41 Dual Channel DDR3 Motherboard  (FOXMBO00002) can be the ideal motherboard you're looking for. It has Intel G41+ich7 chipset and supports socket lga775 core2duo/pentium/dual core/celeron dual core. It has memory up to 8 gb and supports dual channal ddr3 1066/1333 mhz. If you are planning to buy a motherboard which is the best Motherboard for PC gaming  then also you can go for this!

Best Motherboard for PC under 3000

Foxin has a range of motherboards that are below 3000 rupees and provides excellent service. One amazing product currently priced at 2826 rupees is G41 Dual Channel DDR2 Motherboard. It has OS 7 installed WITH 2+2GB RAM (800/FSB). It also has 64BIT Graphics card 2GB Tested. The CPU Chip set it has is Intel G41+ich7 chipset that supports socket lga775 core2duo/pentium/dual core/celeron dual core. The memory is up to 4 gb. This clearly sums up to be the best motherboard for PC under 3000 that Foxin provides.

Final Words

Knowing the parts of your motherboard is essential whether you're updating your existing PC or planning your future one. Knowing what each component accomplishes can help you select a motherboard that is appropriate for your setup.

You need a CPU-compatible socket, a chipset that makes the most of your hardware, and then a feature set that is appropriate for your computing requirements. You should be able to locate what you're searching for if you take the time to analyze the primary benefits of numerous compatible motherboards before making a choice.

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