When fashion meets technology! A much needed revolution in the consumer tech industry.

As days pass, we come to learn that change is perhaps the only constant in our lives. With the changing times, we humans psychologically feel a need to keep up with emerging trends. To elaborate, ‘FOMO’, as Gen Z calls it, is the fear of missing out and we all are wired in a manner that we are bound to experience this feeling at some point or the other. The advent of new age technology hasn’t seen any difference in this, with regards to the context of user perception and expectations. 

Apart from technology, fashion is another such domain that largely revolves around trends and setting trends. Since many big players have penetrated and established themselves in both the technology and fashion markets respectively, the gamut of consumer electronics saw a drastic increase in opportunities to create iconic products. Consumer tech products such as smart wearables, TWS and more, have started exhibiting a seamless amalgamation of high-end tech and style that gives a consumer the best of both worlds.

Here’s how a fashion inspired revolution has come about in the consumer tech industry, especially smartwatches:

Smart Watches that turn up your style quotient!

Smart wearables and specifically Smart Watches are all the rage right now and have started a fire of demand in the hearts of consumers that will not be doused anytime soon! A smartwatch that can do it all, is fully loaded with features such as multiple sports modes, 24-hour active health monitoring, real-time notification alerts, sleep monitor and a guarantee of water and sweat resistance thanks to its IP rating. Our latest smartwatches check all these boxes and more! At Foxin, we ensure that style never takes a backseat, despite our products being built for purpose. Since a smartwatch is a lifestyleproduct and essentially becomes a part of you, why not do it in style! This is why our smartwatches from the FoxFit series come with a wide array of colours and strap options. The latest FoxFit Active smartwatch boasts of a metallic strap and a free silicon strap, with a variety of colours to choose from. This is one way the smartwatch can adapt to your surroundings and the activity you partake in; silicon strap for those intense workouts and that classy shimmer gold metallic strap for parties and formal occasions! 

The FoxFit Active has become an icon and we’re coming up with more extraordinary products to set a new benchmark in the consumer tech industry!!  

What you seek is seeking you