Why are neck bands becoming popular?

It's true that neck bands are popular. These chic collar headphones are being used by some "mobile professionals." What's the big deal, then? Not only do they seem unusual, but you must also be thinking that this will be difficult to adjust to. Three very real advantages—which are impossible to ignore—truly account for the popularity of neckband headphones.


Your headphones are available whenever you need them.

Although the first main advantage of neckband headphones may be the most apparent, it is nevertheless important to mention. You won't need to go into your purse or pockets to find your earphones when you want to listen to music or answer a call since they are hanging around your neck, just a few inches from your ears. The only connections you need to be concerned about are the two small thin cords connecting the collar to the earphones since almost all neckband headphones link to your smartphone or portable media player through Bluetooth.


Longer battery life

Every minute of your battery life is valuable while using wireless headphones, and you constantly worry about being stranded without power. Although using neckband headphones takes up a little additional space around your neck, they also have a very practical advantage: better battery life. These collar headphones include a dual battery that not only charges in less than 2 hours but also has a huge 20-hour playing capacity and a 180-hour standby capacity. You won't have to worry about running out of battery any longer. Do all neckband headphones have this kind of battery life? We can attest to Foxin's EDGE 201 Wireless Neckband, which offers up to 16 hours of battery life and five hours of playing with only 15 minutes of flash charging.

Style Statement

One more point concerning neckband headphones needs to be made. They just don't resemble any other headphones you've ever seen. There is no doubt that they make a striking statement, whether you like the style or find it slightly foreign.

Final Words

If you believed that investing in a pair of neckband headphones would be expensive, you need to reconsider! You couldn't ask for more from a pair of stylish neckband headphones with Bluetooth 5.0, a 110mAh battery, powerful speakers, increased bass, and more, all for less than Rs.1,000 from Foxin's official website. Yes, we are talking about the excellent foxin products such as Foxin FoxBeat 135  Wireless Neckband, Foxin FoxBeat 130  Wireless Neckband, Foxin FoxBeat 130 Wireless Neckband, Foxin LOOP 110 Wireless Neckband LOOP 110 Wireless Neckband and many more!

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