Foxin MAC11 3 in 1 Parallel cable (Black) (FOXUSC0109)

  • Simultaneous Charging: Supports 5V/2.4A charge for 3 devices simultaneously, all combined in one power cord.
  • Reinforced with a PVC Outer Sheath: The outer shield is constructed from high quality PVC jacket that provides greater protection. 
  • Tough & Sleek: Strong and tangle-free design of the cables make them durable and long lasting. An innovative housing has been used in the cable for its superior strength, resilience and its good resistance to heat and corrosion.
  • Long Cord: The 3-in-1 USB cable is 1.2 meters in length, optimized for easy use for your comfort at home or office, helps you to overcome distance restrictions.
  • Rugged & Unbreakable: Constructed with a moulded strain relief with 6000+plug tests for frequent plugging and unplugging

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