Car Accessories you must have- Car Charger and Mobile Holder.

Have you ever struggled to follow the GPS on your phone and pay attention to the road in front of you at the same time? Or perhaps run out of battery on a road tripor during an important work call? These are some of the common issues we have all faced while traveling in this fast-paced world, where most of our work and entertainment rely upon gadgets. We have therefore come up with solutions to such problems in the form of Car Chargers, Mobile Holders, and several other types of equipment that ease your way of life and allow you to enjoy a hassle-free journey!

Car Chargers-

A Car Charger is a small adaptor that plugs into the accessory port found on cars, draws power from the vehicle’s battery, and charges the devices connected to them. They work when the engine is running and can be used to charge a large variety of gadgets such as phones, tablets, power banks, and even certain models of cameras.

You no longer have to worry about running out of battery while listening to your favorite songs on a road trip, or following the route on GPS using your phone- which requires quite a lot of battery as the screen is live the entire time. Charged devices also help keep the children happy and occupied on longer journeys, allowing for a smooth trip. They also come in handy when the phone has not been adequately charged and an important call needs to be tended to in the car.

Some things you should keep in mind while choosing a Car Charger are-

The number of sockets:

Keep in mind the number of devices you would need to charge in your car at once, and buy a car charger with the appropriate number of sockets.


Chargerswith more outlets are larger, so make sure that the charger you choose does not come in the way of operation or obstruct anything.

Power Output:

Check the charger’s current capability and make sure that it provides enough power to charge your device.

Reviews and Ratings:

Go through the reviews and ratings of your preferred charger before buying it.


Foxin’s Car Chargers come with dual ports and different charging capacities to suit your every need. They are fast charging, compatible with most devices, compact in size, and elegantly designed. They not only provide you with the maximum possible output but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Mobile Holder-

Mobile Holderis equipment that helps prop up our mobile phones and adjust the height and angle of the device so that we can use it hands-free. It is convenient to use when you want to watch movies/videos, click pictures or record videos, attend online classes or meetings, and read/listen to recipes while cooking, without having to hold onto your device for long hours, hence providing you with greater freedom of movement. They are essentially useful when you need to follow the map on your phone while driving so that your hands are not occupied with holding the phone and you have a smoother and safer driving experience. They also offer a sturdy, fixed place to hold your phone when you need to attend a call while driving, preventing your phone from sliding down other surfaces in the car while it’s in motion.

There are several types of mounts for your Smartphone which can be attached to different places in your car such as the dashboard, Air vent, etc. as per your convenience. The mounts have different types of grips such as magnets or a claw-grip to hold your phone. Both work fine as long as you choose the correct size for your device. Also, make sure that the mounts with a claw-grip have some form of cushioning to avoid scratching the surface of your phone. There are different types of mounts for your motorcycle too, so make sure that you choose a sturdy one that doesn’t obstruct your way.

Foxinoffers Mobile Holders for both cars and bikes that come enclosed in silicone rubber and grip your phone securely, thereby preventing it from falling off while riding on rugged terrain. It is adjustable which allows you to watch the screen from any angle and at any length, you find desirable. They come with a phone lock knob for stronghold and also allow for your device to be charged while it’s attached to the holder.

We are faced with several issues due to the invention of new gadgetsand their swift integration into our life. Keeping up with the rapidly developing technology, Foxin offers a solutionto each of these problems with the latest equipment and tools, making this journey easier. These are some of the essential car accessories one must have for a smoother and safer ride, and we hope that this helped clear your doubts and choose the best fit for your device and car!

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